ICANN Contractual Compliance Performance Reports

Performance measurement provides metrics to the community on compliance activities through the dashboard and additional reports related to operational data, regional data and complaint specific data. The reports measure EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS as defined below.

Efficiency is defined as "doing things right" and measures process cycle time, response time, backlog, staffing utilization among other measures.

Effectiveness is defined as "doing the right things" and measures include the number and categorization of people serviced, the accomplishments aka enforcement criteria and resolution, quality of service via the complaint satisfaction survey at the closure of every ticket.

Metrics and Dashboards

Current and previous years

New Reports: Twelve-Month Trends

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Currently, the reports appearing on the Contractual Compliance Monthly Dashboard contain a variety of metrics reflecting activity for each specific month. These metrics describe, for example, volume of complaints received across the several types through which ICANN Contractual Compliance enforces the obligations in ICANN policies and agreements. The Monthly Dashboard also includes complaint-specific details such as those related to the Temporary Specification for generic top-level domain (gTLD) Registration Data requirements.

A new series of summary reports is being added with more granular data on the complaints received, the obligations enforced and the process through which these obligations are being enforced. To illustrate historical trends over time, these reports are published on a twelve-month rolling basis, beginning from January 2021 to December 2021, and will be updated monthly.

Additional Data

Additional Contractual Compliance related data can be found at:

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