Contractual Compliance Twelve-Month Trends Reporting

Performance metrics provide information to the community on compliance activities through dashboards and reports.

Description of New Reports

Registrar and Registry Overview of Activity Across All Complaint Types
These reports show the volume of complaints received across all complaint types and further details:

  1. The volume of complaints closed due to falling outside of ICANN’s contractual scope and, therefore, never forwarded to the relevant registrar or registry operator;
  2. The volume of notices ICANN Contractual Compliance sent, within the informal and formal resolution stage of our process, in order to investigate the complaints that fall within ICANN’s contractual remit.

Received Complaints – Top-five Complaint Types and Reporter Type
These reports show the volume of received complaints over a twelve-month period They further detail the top-five complaint types for the same time period. The top-five complaint types make up a large majority of the complaints received. A brief description of the obligations that are enforced within each complaint type is included. Additionally, details concerning the types of complainants (Reporter Type) for these top 5 complaint types have been added. The reporter type refers to the capacity in which the complainant submitted the complaint (e.g., Law Enforcement Agency (LEA), registrant of the domain name subject to the complaint, the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and the Uniform Rapid Suspension System (UDRP/URS) provider, etc.) The reporter type is selected at the time of submission by the complainant from a drop-down list within the complaint form, and is not determined by the ICANN Contractual Compliance team.

Registrar Abuse Complaint Type Detail
This report consists of two tables covering a twelve-month period. The first table shows the volume of abuse complaints received and details the alleged abuse activity associated with the domain name(s) subject to the complaint (complaint category). Each complaint category is selected by the complainant with the submission of the complaint. The second table shows the volume of closed abuse complaints, detailing those closed without contacting the relevant registrar because of them being out of ICANN’s contractual scope vs. those closed after obtaining evidence of compliance from the relevant registrar.